North Stonington Public Schools

Strategic Plan

Dear resident and taxpayer:

North Stonington Public Schools is in the process of developing a Strategic Plan.  Our plan’s mission-title is the “Vision of the Graduate.”  It will be a 3-5 year plan which will be a template for all future decisions made on our educational needs.  A Design Team has been meeting for the last several months developing an “outline” as to how we move forward.  In April, an eighteen-member Steering Committee, consisting of members of town boards & commissions, senior citizens, parents and students, met to provide his/her input of the Vision of the Graduate.

We are presently in the process of meeting with “Focus Groups”.  We have already met with our teachers and over the next couple of weeks we will meet with all other district employees in order to seek their contributions to the Strategic Plan.  As a resident and taxpayer we are seeking your valued input.

Attached is a flyer with the dates and times for you to attend this important event.  Additionally, there is a survey below, along with an external link to the survey, hosted on SurveyMonkey.  The survey has four (4) short questions and we kindly request your responses.

I hope to see you at one of the Focus Group meetings and as always, thank you for making North Stonington Public Schools a better place to teach and learn.

Peter L. Nero,

Superintendent of Schools & Design Team Member


Focus Group Flyer

Focus Group Survey