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Dear members of North Stonington Public Schools and community,

I want to take this opportunity to update you on the Strategic Plan development since our last posting in the spring.

The North Stonington Strategic Plan Design team has been meeting regularly since December 4, 2018.  After a break of a couple months to accommodate the move to Wheeler’s new location and the North Stonington Elementary School move to its temporary location, the Strategic Plan’s various teams and committees went back to work in April and broke again in late June for the summer recess.

Between April and the summer recess, Focus Groups were held with internal and external publics.   An online survey was conducted for those members of the community who could not attend the Focus Groups. These were scheduled on a weeknight and another on a Saturday morning.  Since the beginning of the new school year, the Design Team has met twice and the Steering Committee has met twice as well.  

As a result of the meetings with the Design Team, Steering Committee, Focus Groups and the survey, a lot of robust data/information has been collected and was reported out to the Board of Education at their September 25th meeting. 

At the fourth Steering Committee meeting held on October 29th, we discussed from the agenda:

Our Current Status – Visual/Mental Model: Moving to Strategy

      a)   Shifting from Divergent to Convergent

      b)   Vision of the Graduate

      c)   Mission Framework (Vision, Mission, Core Values, District Goals, and Outcomes)

      d)   Opportunity to Create/Metrics

      e)   Goals and Actions

With one more Steering Committee meeting due to be scheduled in November, that will wrap up that important portion of the Strategic Plan development and the Design Team will move on to the next steps.


Peter L. Nero,



Superintendent of Schools & Design Team Member