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Teams & Coaches

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Fall Sports

  • Football Coop with Griswold High School​

  • HS Boys' Soccer

    • Coach:​ Joe Mendonca

  • HS Girls' Soccer​

    • Coach: Kellie Palmer​

  • HS Girls' Volleyball

    • Varsity Coach: ​Megan O'Connell

    • JV Coach: Cailin Sorder

  • HS Boys' Cross Country​

    • Coach: Marc Tardiff​​

  • HS Girls' Cross Country​

    • Coach: Kathryn McGuire

  • MS Boys' and Girls' Cross Country

    • Coach: ​Megan Perkins

  • HS Girls' Swim coop with Fitch High School​

Winter Sports

  • HS Boys' Basketball

    • Varsity Coach: Stephen Bailey

    • JV Coach: Kevin Noonan

  • HS Girls' Basketball

    • Coach: ​Vanessa Kobyluck

  • MS Boys' Basketball

    • Coach: Matthew Parson

  • MS Girls' Basketball

    • Coach: ​Megan Perkins

  • HS Girls' Cheer

    • Coach: ​Sheri Tardiff & Kathryn Noonan

  • HS Boys' and Girls' Indoor Track

    • Coach: ​Kathryn McGuire

  • HS ECC Hockey Co-op​

  • HS Boys' Swim Co-op with Fitch High School​

  • HS Wrestling Co-op with Griswold High School

  • Team of 1 Gymnastics HS with Norwich Free Academy​

Spring Sports

  • HS Golf

    • Coach: Carl Weber​

  • HS Boys' Lacrosse Co-op with St. Bernard High School​

    • Coach: David Howes

  • HS Girls' Lacrosse

    • Coach: ​Amy White

  • HS Girls' Softball

    • Coach: ​Stephen Bailey

  • HS Boys' Baseball

    • Coach: ​Eric Collins

  • MS Boys' Baseball

    • Coach:

  • HS Boys' and Girls' Outdoor Track

    • Coach: ​Kathryn McGuire

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