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Ellen Turner

Athletic Director


  Wheeler High School/Middle School believes that appropriate conduct and sufficiently funded high school and middle school athletics can be among the most important elements in preparing our students to be fully educated adults. Wheeler’s athletic programs exist for the purpose of helping our student athletes meet the high school expectations established for them in the Wheeler High School/Middle School Mission Statement. Increasing the likelihood that our student athletes will develop skills, and desirable attitudes and habits in that document is the primary reason for maintaining diverse opportunities for interscholastic competition at Wheeler High School/Middle School. At the high school level, Wheeler supports five Fall Sports (boys & girls soccer, boys & girls cross country and volleyball) three winter sports, (boys & girls basketball and cheerleading) and four spring sports (baseball, softball, girls lacrosse and golf). Due to Wheeler’s small size, the Cooperative Team program offered as an option has allowed Wheeler High School to add choices of football, boys & girls swim, wrestling, boys & girls ice hockey, boys lacrosse, and boys tennis. Our students participate with other teams that have lower numbers of participants. Thus has to be approved by our league and state associations. It is a lot of work, but the end result is tremendous.

Other links:

  • CASCIAC: The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) and Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) sites.  Important information on: High School Schedules, Eligibility, Transfer, Concussions

  • Online Athletic Registration (Family ID)

  • Athletic Handbook

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