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504 vs. Special Ed

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An IEP must include:      

  • The child’s present levels of academic and functional performance—how the child is currently doing in school

  • Annual education goals for the child and how the school will track progress

  • The services the child will get—this may include special education, related, supplementary, and extended school year services

  • The timing of services—when they start, how often they occur, and how long they last

  • Any accommodations—changes to the child’s learning environment

  • Any modifications—changes to what the child is expected to learn or know

  • How the child will participate in standardized tests

  • How the child will be included in general education classes and school activities

  • Transition planning for students age 14 and older


Parents must receive Prior Written Notice (The written notice of actions proposed and refused by the PPT, the reasons for such actions, and the criteria used to make the decisions) before any changes to a child's programming occurs. Parents must give the district written consent for all actions

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