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Middle School Clubs & Activities

Middle School Clubs and Activities are offered once to twice a week during the school day. Club and activity offerings change weekly.

Volleyball Club 

Advisor: Mr. Weber

Volleyball skill drills and mini games offered every few weeks to students in grades seventh or eight. 


Basketball Club 

Advisor: Mr. Weber

Basketball skill drills and mini games offered every few weeks to students in grades seventh or eight. 


Journalism Club 

Advisor: Mrs. Benedict

Wheeler Middle School students have the opportunity to collaborate with high school students to contribute articles and pieces to Wheeler’s school newspaper The Paw Print Press. 


Read and Write 

Advisor: Mrs. Charles

Spend some quiet time reading or working on creative writing projects in this session. Students also have the opportunity to work on homework assignments. 


Art and Draw 

Advisor: Ms. McKay

Flex your artistic skills in this club. Draw free hand, sketch or work on your own art projects. Learn new techniques from one another. 


Middle School Student Council

Advisors: Ms. Haggerty and Mr. Tardiff

Student leaders meet to collaborate and plan activities that will enrich our school community. MS Student Council advertises and coordinates dances, food drives, community service projects and discusses important issues in the Middle School. 


History Trivia 

Advisor: Mr. Tardiff

Interested in history? Test your knowledge and win prizes with Mr. Tardiff each week. 

Studio Ghibli and Movies 

Advisor: Mrs. Oosterwyk

Share your love of anime with other students! Watch productions by the popular Japanese studio, and discuss with friends. 


MS Lax Club 

Advisor: Ms. Macca

Learn how to play lacrosse with certified coach Ms. Macca. High School lacrosse players assist middle school students in skill development and mini-games. 


Board Games

Advisor: Mrs. Mason

Get together with friends to play board games with Mrs. Mason. Test new games for Teddy’s Toys and increase your reasoning skills. 


Other activities offered from time to time have included: Jeopardy, Movie Viewings, Kickball, Intro to Mancala, Harry Potter, Blooket Mania, Science Photography, Holiday Decorations  AND MORE! 

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