North Stonington Public Schools


Board Games Club
Ms. Adams, Ms. Corah, Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Strohm

If you like to play games while hanging out with your friends, this club is for you. We have a variety of board games, puzzles, and strategic games for 2 or more players. If you would prefer to take on challenges by yourself, we also have logic puzzles such as “Square by Square”. Of course, you can always bring your own games to share with friends. Win or lose, our club offers some friendly competition with a lot of fun. You won’t regret joining and you won’t be “board”! Our club meets three weeks each month.

Chess Club
Mr. Costanza

Checkmate your friends! Chess Club is open to middle-schoolers of all abilities. No experience necessary. We will introduce students to the rules and playing pieces on a chess board. Students with lots of experience can help teach those with less. Players can exchange strategy tips, play for fun, and compete in tournament-style matches. Chess Club will meet with Mr. Costanza’s room on the second Wednesday of each month. Participation is limited to 24, based on the number of chess boards.

Computer Club
Mrs. Williams

Do you want to make bar graphs using Excel, design electronic posters using Glogster, or create PowerPoint presentations with animated clip art? Join the Computer Club to learn how to use digital media for school projects. This class is limited to 10 students and will meet weeks 2 and 4.

Fiber Arts Club
Mrs. Hawrylik, Mrs. Oosterwyk

Learn to knit or crochet. Beginners welcome. Make scarves, hats, blankets… anything you can imagine.

Foldable Club
Mrs. Williams

Do you like to make 3-D foldable graphic organizers? Join the Foldable Club to create study guides for your classes, design folded charts and tables, or construct Origami pop-ups! This club is limited to 10 students and will meet on week 3.

Games and Crafts Club
Mrs. Baumann

Harry Potter Club
Mrs. Costanza

Trivia and games pertaining to Harry Potter books and movies.

History Club
Mr. Tardiff

This club is for students that enjoy history. We view history themed movies, as well as invite speakers to share their knowledge on historic topics. Our main activity is to plan and take field trips to various locations to learn about its history. Past day-trips have included visits to the Newport Mansions, the Freedom Trail in Boston, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty in New York City. We have also taken overnight trips to Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Homework Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays
2:30-3:50 p.m.
Shaw Media Center

Receive help on homework
Access to internet
Share ideas with classmates
Permission Slip

Kid’s Care Club
Mrs. Costanza

Community service outreach mainly toward hospitalized children. Recent projects also include community outreach to senior citizens.

Lacrosse Club
Mr. Dinoto

Memory Book
Mrs. Hattoy & Mrs. Mason

This club will publish the middle school Memory Book and is open to any 8th grade student. From September until April the 8th graders work on compiling school events, athletics and student achievement throughout the school year. Students learn how to use an online program to digitally create this yearbook. We are all really excited to watch this year’s book come to life! Any questions please contact Mrs. Mason or Ms. Hattoy.

PawPrint Press
Mrs. Benedict

The PawPrint Press publishes the student-run newspaper of the same name. The newspaper is published monthly, with articles including coverage of Wheeler events and sports, national news, entertainment reviews, and opinion pieces.

Peer Mentoring/Tutoring Club
Mrs. Costanza, Mrs. Higginbotham, Ms. Liner, Ms. Rogers
Club for students in grades 8-12 wishing to learn to work with other students in grades 3-8 in our Middle and Elementary Schools. Mentors will be assigned a younger student to work with, will meet with them once a week during lunch, study hall, or after school throughout the remainder of the year. Club will be held in the Wheeler Counseling Office on week 4.

Pit Orchestra
Mr. Thomas

The Wheeler Pit Orchestra performs annually for the Wheeler Drama musical. Musical selections vary by year and include major works in the Broadway repertoire. After-school rehearsals are mandatory and extensive. Because the music performed is the same music played by Broadway professionals, participation in this group is by approval of the music director only.

Puzzle Club
Mrs Charles & Mrs. Ostrout

Students have the opportunity to use some strategy skills to piece together puzzles. These puzzles include 1,000 piece puzzles, 3-D puzzles, math puzzles, and others.

Science Movies Club
Mrs. Costello

Students are given the opportunity to watch movies about some of the wonderful natural aspects of our world: animals, the environment, and other phenomena. Students in the club can choose the movies/topics that we learn about.

Student Council
Mr. Costanza

Put your school pride, creativity, and leadership abilities to good use by serving on the Student Council. Represent your fellow students and help plan events to make Wheeler Middle School an even more exciting place to learn than it already is. The council needs members with all kinds of talents from all classrooms. We also need students willing to serve as officers (president, vice president, etc.) and run in elections this fall. The Student Council will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month with Mr. Costanza.

Student Governmet
Mr. Costanza

Assists in promoting leadership, student welfare, and school spirit. Facilitates communication between the student body and administration, and develops and organizes student events and activities.