North Stonington Public Schools


Adventure Club
Mrs. Tavares

Adventure Club affords an opportunity for students in grades 9-12 to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Past trips included climbing Mr. Monadnock, indoor rock climbing, as well as downhill and cross country skiing in New Hampshire.

Book Club
Mrs. Tavares

The high school Book Club is a great opportunity for students to come together to discuss a chosen book. Book Club also includes visits from authors of some of the books read.

BRAVE (Bringing Remembrance to All Veterans Everywhere)
Mrs. Curioso, Ms. Rogers

Dedicated to remembering and honoring United States military veterans, as well as active service members.

Chess Club
Mr. Cervini

Chess rewards intuition and imagination while satisfying the killer instinct. It requires tactical and strategic thinking to be successful. It teaches life skills of patience, perseverance, a never-give-up spirit. If these are skills you possess or would like to develop check out the Chess Club.

Commercial Music Ensemble
Mr. Thomas

This club provides students with an ensemble experience that focuses on various commercial music genres (e.g. rock, pop, hip-hop, etc.). The band serves as a laboratory for performers, composers, and music technologists. The music performed is determined with input from ensemble members. The group is open to any high school student who sings/raps, plays an instrument, writes music, and/or wants to learn about live-sound engineering.

Debate Club
Mr. Costanza, Mr. Heughins, & Mr. Mann

Students are taught how to debate using a specific rubric and framework. Students are also annually invited to participate in the Great Debate at New Britain High School every March.

Declamation Club
Mrs. Benedict

The Declamation Club is a public speaking/performance club where students work on memorizing and delivering poetry, speeches, or other dramatic works. Students participate in two competitions and perform at various events.

Drama Club
Mrs. Tavares

The Wheeler Drama Club is open to students in 6-12 by audition. Students interested in performing in the year’s full scale production and learning about the various aspects of putting on a dramatic performance should join!

Fantasy Sports Club
Mr. Mann

Students participate in football and basketball fantasy drafts and compete using real-life players’ statistics.

Fiber Arts Club
Mrs. Hawrylik, Mrs. Oosterwyk

Learn to knit or crochet. Beginners welcome. Make scarves, hats, blankets… anything you can imagine.

Film Club
Mrs. Tavares

The Wheeler High School Film Club meets selected weeks during lunch. The gets together to watch and discuss numerous films from a variety of genres.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Mr. Zyrlis

FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization with over 214,000 high school student members from across the nation. It is the largest career student business organization in the world with the goals of developing competent, aggressive business leadership skills, strengthening the confidence of students in themselves and their work, and encouraging scholarship and promoting school loyalty, just to name a few.

French Club
Madame Devaux

If you are interested in French language, culture, or even food, we can help you out! You do NOT have to be a French student to join our club! We are a dynamic group of students exploring the French language and culture of France and other French-speaking countries. Venez nous joindre!

Give Back Club
Mrs. Schilke

This club is made up of members of the senior class who want to help those in need. Club members are involved in the following and more: canned food drives, hat and mitten drives, fund raisers for non-profits, and outreach activities to help community members as needed.

Mrs Albamonti

GSA is the original ALLY organization. Made up of parents, families, friends, and straight allies uniting with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, GSA is committed to advancing equality through its mission of support, education and advocacy.

History Club
Mr. Tardiff

This club is for students that enjoy history. We view history themed movies as well as invite speakers to share their knowledge on historic topics. Our main activity is that we plan and take field trips to various locations to learn about its history. Past day trips have included visits to the Newport Mansions, the Freedom Trail in Boston, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty in New York City, as well as overnight trips to Washington DC and Philadelphia.

International Club
Mrs. Tavares

The goal of Wheeler’s International Club is to increase cultural awareness and foster intercultural friendships throughout the school community. Members learn about new cultures while sharing traditions of their own. Club meetings include participating in cultural activities, tasting ethnic foods, and celebrating holidays. This year, the club will also plan our first International Night.

Math Team
Mrs. Reyes

The Math Team is for students in grades 9 through 12 who are interested in math. Students will practice problems during club time and compete in mathematic meets once a month at NFA after school (3:25-5:00 PM). Transportation is provided and we are usually back to school by 6:00. Questions include topics from Arithmetic, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and PreCalculus.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society Mission Statement: The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

PawPrint Press
Mrs. Benedict

The PawPrint Press publishes the student-run newspaper of the same name. The newspaper is published monthly, with articles including coverage of Wheeler events and sports, national news, entertainment reviews, and opinion pieces.

Peer Mentoring/Tutoring Club
Mrs. Costanza, Mrs. Higginbotham, Ms. Liner, Ms. Rogers
Club for students in grades 8-12 wishing to learn to work with other students in grades 3-8 in our Middle and Elementary Schools. Mentors will be assigned a younger student to work with, will meet with them once a week during lunch, study hall, or after school throughout the remainder of the year. Club will be held in the Wheeler Counseling Office on week 4.

Photography Club
Mrs. McKay

The mission of the Photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge, and passion for photography while attending Wheeler High School. The club meets monthly to discuss using the camera as a tool, post processing, technical skills, aesthetics, composition, lighting, film vs digital, and ethics of photography. Members will also explore the possible opportunities for peer to peer image/portfolio reviews and photography projects in collaboration with other departments, clubs, and community.

Pit Orchestra
Mr. Thomas

The Wheeler Pit Orchestra performs annually for the Wheeler Drama musical. Musical selection vary by year and include major works in the Broadway repertoire. After-school rehearsals are mandatory and extensive. Because the music performed is the same music played by Broadway professionals, participation in this group is by approval of the music director only.

Robotics Club/Technology Student Association
Ms. Devine

Students use VEX robotics, Seaperch ROVs, and programming skills to build robots and compete with other schools.

Student Government
Mrs. Curioso & Mrs. Higginbotham

Assists in promoting leadership, student welfare, and school spirit. Facilitates communication between the student body and administration, and develops and organizes student events and activities.

Wheeler Broadcast Company (WBC)
Mr. Bradanini & Mr. Dinoto

The WBC is responsible for the daily production of the high school and middle school announcements. The high school students involved in this club film, record, and edit the morning show. Students also create advertisements for school-wide events and compete in film competitions.

Yearbook Club
Mrs. Karpinski

Students work on making the high school yearbook throughout the year.