North Stonington Public Schools

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Wheeler High School, in partnership with families and community, is to provide students with the education that will best help them to live a life of accomplishment and satisfaction in a complex and changing world.

School Administration

The administrative team at Wheeler High School/Wheeler Middle School is comprised of one Associate Principal and one Principal.

The primary role of the Associate Principal is to assist the middle and high school communities with any of the day to day needs that occur, included but not limited to, school safety, pupil matters, instructional leadership and teacher evaluation. The Associate Principal also serves as the district’s Testing Coordinator, Summer School Facilitator and Attendance Board Chair.

The primary role of the Principal is to oversee all school operations included but not limited to teacher evaluation, pupil matters, instructional leadership and all master schedule decisions. The Principal also oversees other critical components of the school structure in regard to the Program of Studies, and oversees all student records as well as has the final decision on issuing Carnegie Units. The Principal serves as a liaison to the Board of Education and the community, and builds and administers the school budget.

Our administrative model at Wheeler also allows us to perform the duties of the other member when necessary. As a team, we both serve active roles in our Wheeler school community and often collaborate when dealing with school safety and pupil matters.

Wheeler administration has an open door policy.  We welcome and invite parents/guardians, students and community members into our office to get a better understanding of the day to day operations at Wheeler.  We work hard to be visible to our students, staff and parents and believe that the partnership between home, school and community is vital to all of our students’ success.