North Stonington Public Schools

July 26, 2022

Dear North Stonington Community,

It is a pleasure to introduce our completely new central office personnel.  As you may know, I officially started as Superintendent on July 1st of this year. I am enjoying my time tremendously as I meet more staff members, other town employees, community members, and even some students!

I am grateful to all our former Central Office staff for their support during our transition. Thank you to Peter Nero, Robbie McCarthy, Deborah Martin, and Suzanne Michaud.

Please welcome Irma Wilhelm, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent. Irma comes to us with extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge of overall school functions.

Also, please welcome Bill Merrill, Director of Finance. Bill brings many years of experience in school district finance and a creative, problem-solving mindset.

And, please welcome Alycia Clemons, Bookkeeper, who has organizational skills and attention to detail from both career and personal aspirations.

We are fortunate to have these professionals as our Central Office team. Our team will work arduously at ensuring that the district and school staff have the support they need to create exceptional learning opportunities for our students.


Troy Hopkins